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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blue Zoo - Two By Two

Released : November 1983
Genre : New Wave, Synth-pop
Label : Magnet
Producer : Tim Friese-Greene

Blue Zoo's stylistic smorgasbord on Two by Two is an acquired taste. Anybody who purchases the LP because of the hyper "Cry Boy Cry" should not expect to hear another song like it on the album; similarly, the moody ballad "Love Moves in Strange Ways" would sound out of place if the rest of Two by Two isn't so wildly eclectic. Even Andy O's voice is unpredictable, veering from high-pitched shrieking to mournful crooning. Nevertheless, this is a surprisingly cohesive experiment in unrestrained genre shifting; Blue Zoo ecstatically leap from glum balladry to funk to minimalist punk rock and actually concoct absorbing, colorful pop that hooks listeners while bewildering them. "Love Moves in Strange Ways," with its tumbling percussion, eerie synths, spiky acoustic riffs, and O's heart-rending wailing, is an undiscovered classic. The simple, straightforward lyrics in the track vividly illustrate a romantic relationship shattering; the raw emotion in Andy O's voice when he bellows "Why are you leaving me?" is startling. From the sleazy disco of "I'm Your Man" to the Wire-like skeletal arrangements and sinister half-spoken, half-sung dialogue of "Open Up," this album has the variety of a well-selected mix tape. For those brave enough to digest Blue Zoo's fickle tastes, Two by Two is a bracing adventure.


1. Cry Boy Cry
2. John's Lost
3. Far Cry
4. Count On Me (You Can)
5. Love Moves In Strange Ways
6. Forgive And Forget
7. I'm Your Man
8. Open Up
9. Can't Hold Me Down
10.Something Familiar


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