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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blue Zoo - Love Moves In Strange Ways 7"

Released : 1981
Genre : New Wave, Synth-pop
Label : Magnet
Producer : Laurence Diana

In some ways this single was an oddity. Released on single by an otherwise little known band, this bombed when it first came out. Some years later it was reissued with some heavy production remix effects thrown in, complete with thumping four-four beat, extended and, in my view, abused, it became a minor club classic. That remix was totally at odds with the original concept and feel of the song.
It is at heart a somewhat morose song about the breakdown of love. The lyric is delivered from both points of view and drips with pathos. In its own way, it was quite unusual for a song of this type to be put out on a single at this time. After all, we were all supposed to be so bloody happy living under Thatcher's bright new dawn. But this has soaring vocals and really atmospheric sound. A non-hit which never made it as far as it should. But I would avoid the aforementioned electronica dance remix like the plague though.


1. Love Moves In Strange Ways
2. Chameleon Waves


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