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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Billy Idol - Vital Idol

Released : 1985
Genre : New Wave, Pop Rock
Label : Chrysalis
Producer : Keith Forsey

It's collection of remixes of some classic Idol's songs. What is important- Billy didn't want to remix "Rebell Yell"-maybe sign of respect to his best rock work ever. But this eclectic work and techno/electric-driven approach contribution is interesting as well. "Catch my fall" is crossover of techno/dance/rock and jazz (in the middle occurs something that could be described as...solo of "drunken" saxofonist on disco dancefloor) while extended version of "Flesh for fantasy" is even more rock song than it was previously, with powerful guitars and nice screams (even though much of it was created by mixing in the studio).


1. White Wedding (Parts I & II) (Shot Gun Mix)
2. Dancing With Myself (Uptown Mix)
3. Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)
4. Catch My Fall (Remix Fix)
5. Mony Mony (Downtown Mix)
6. Love Calling (Rub A Dub Dub Mix)
7. Hot In The City (Exterminator Mix)


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