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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Men Without Hats - Freeways EP

Released : 1985
Recorded : 1980, 1984-1985
Genre : Synthpop
Label : Statik Records

After the comparative failure of their second album, Folk of the 80's (Part III), Men Without Hats released this EP to fulfill their contract with Statik/Sire in Canada. It was largely a reissue of their original 1980 EP Folk of the 80's, which had been released independently and was difficult to find by 1985. The four original EP tracks were featured on one side of this reissue, while the other side included just one track, "Freeways (Euromix)". (That song had previously been issued on 12" singles in Britain and America but had never been released in Canada.) The EP came with all-new cover art and an insert with a photo of Hats lead singer Ivan Doroschuk. The Freeways EP is now a much-sought-after collector's item, particularly the cassette version. (The latter format featured three bonus tracks -- English-, French- and German-language versions of "Freeways.") This is atmospheric synth-pop, very much of its era ('80/'81), but lots of fun, and yes, you can dance if you want to.


Folk Of The 80's
1. Modern(e) Dancing
2. Utter Space
3. Antarctica
4. Security (Everybody Feels Better With)
5. Freeways


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