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Monday, October 3, 2011

Lacuna Coil – Halflife

Released : 2000
Recorded : January 2000
Genre : Gothic Metal
Length : 20:23
Label : Century Media
Producer : Waldemar Sorychta

Very rare fold out digipak only released in Lacuna Coil's native Italy.  All the tracks are on the US version of  'Unleashed Memories', however this is still very rare and collectable.  'Halflife' isn't as good as the previous EP release, the self entitled 'Lacuna Coil' as some tracks lean slightly (only very slightly) over to the death metal side (because of Ferro's vocal style). Never the less 'Halflife' is still essential Lacuna Coil wailings.


1. Halflife
2. Trance Awake
3. Senzafine
4. Hyperfast
5. Stars


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