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Friday, October 7, 2011

China Crisis – Working With Fire And Steel 12"

Released : 1983
Recorded : Track 1,2 Recorded at Amazon and The Manor,  track 3 Recorded at Amazon 16 track, track 4 Recorded in Eddie's bedroom.
Genre : New Wave, Synthpop
Producer : Mike Howlett (track 1, 2), Eddie (track 3), Garry, Gil Norton (track 3, 4)

Utterly hypnotic synths, and the unintelligible pseudo-Commie lyrics ('Fashion play your part/to be workers of Red'---huh???) seal the deal.


1. Working With Fire And Steel
2. Fire And Steel (Mix)
3. Dockland
4. Forever I And I



Jim said...

There seams to be a problem with this download. I tried several times, 7zip unable to open. Thanks, i like your blog. Jim

slam and dive said...