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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wall Of Voodoo - Dark Continent

Released : August 18 1981
Recorded : 1981
Genre : New Wave, Post-Punk
Length : 35:50
Label : IRS Records
Producer : Jim Hill, Paul McKenna & Wall Of Voodoo

In some ways, Dark Continent is Wall of Voodoo's greatest album. Although it lacks the "Mexican Radio" of its follow-up, there is no filler and the arrangements and concepts are brilliantly executed. Proffering an utterly unique blend of drum machine beats, Marc Moreland's Western-influenced guitar leads, and Stan Ridgway's distinctive vocals and lyrics, Dark Continent has been compared to the music of Devo, but is not quite like anything -- or anyone -- else. The songs deal with natural and industrial perils, tense relationships, and reflect a cranky, working-class perspective that offers an interesting contrast to the new wave elements of prominent synthesizer and hyperactive rhythm box beats. If originality and artistic vision are any measure of a rock album's worth, Dark Continent delivers on both counts.


1. Red Light
2. Two Minutes Till Lunch
3. Animal Day
4. Full Of Tension
5. Me And My Dad
6. Back In Flesh
7. Tse Tse Fly
8. Call Box
9. This Way Out
10.Good Times
11.Crack The Bell


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