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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Wake - Something That No One Else Could Bring

Released : November 1987
Genre : Post - Punk, Indie Pop
Label : Factory Records
Producer : John Leckie

This is where their polyphonic synth-based Here Comes Everybody greeted their imminent arrival at Sarah Records, and it sounds like a merger of the best of both Factory and Sarah. (They never did abandon the synth, though...check out the fantastic and evil "Provincial Disco" on their final album Tidal Wave of Hype.) The record admittedly has a very chilly sound, too, but it is just as lush as their previous work and what they would later record, a blend of cloudy, hazy, and sparkly. The lyrical content's fantastic from what I perused on their website, always a strong point of Caesar's, and it compliments and enhances the imagery created by the music. "Gruesome Castle" proves very light and joyful in sound despite the title, "Pale Spectre" sparkles even more and it marks the first lead vocal appearance by keyboardist Carolyn Allen (she really should sing more, although Caesar sounds as handsome as ever), "Furious Sea" is the most melancholic song on the EP but has glorious soft washes of sound, and "Plastic Flowers" sounds like a lost Polaris demo (by sound alone it could easily fit on The Adventures of Pete and Pete). The EP thankfully appears on the wonderful reissue of Here Comes Everybody, which I recommend greatly for the album, this EP, and the two a-sides.


1. Gruesome Castle
2. Pale Spectre
3. Furious Sea
4. Plastic Flowers


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jackanderton said...

any chance of a re-upload? :)