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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Wake - Harmony

Released : December 1982
Recorded : October 1982 @ Strawberry Studios Stockport.
Genre : Post - Punk, New Wave
Label : Factory Records
Producer : Chris Nagle, The Wake

The Wake's first album will come as a surprise to those more familiar with their poppier later work. Harmony is standard early-'80s Factory Records post-punk gloom, not terribly different from any of a dozen other Joy Division wannabes. Steven Allen's metronomic drumming and Bobby Gillespie's Peter Hook-influenced bass are at the forefront of most of these tunes, supporting singer/guitarist Caesar's brooding, artless vocals. The only relief from the monotony comes on side two, with the relatively cheerful "Favour," which marries the Ian Curtis worship to a bright and Byrdsy guitar part, and the closing "An Immaculate Conception," which finally ratchets up the tempo a bit and features some memorable playing from keyboardist Carolyn Allen. Harmony is not actively bad, merely undistinguished and mostly forgettable; the Wake would improve markedly after this.


1. Judas
2. Testament
3. Patrol
4. The Old Men
5. Favour
6. Heartburn
7. An Immaculate Conception
8. Chance


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