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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Wake - Crush The Flowers

Released : 1989
Genre : Post - Punk, Indie Rock
Label : Sarah Records
Producer : Duncan Cameron, The Wake

A delightful surprise, "Crush the Flowers" came out nearly two years after the Wake's last release for Factory Records, 1987's Something That No One Else Could Bring, when most had assumed the Glasgow-based trio had broken up. Bouncier than anything the group had previously done, "Crush the Flowers" is a duet between guitarist Caesar and keyboardist Carolyn Allen set to an arrangement featuring a highly processed, wobbly guitar that sounds like a twanging rubber band sent through a distortion pedal and a Leslie speaker. As gimmicky and unapologetically catchy as a classic glam-era Mike Chapman-Nicky Chinn single, "Crush the Flowers" is almost unrecognizable as being by the same band who did the gloomy post-punk of the Wake's earliest records. The flip, "Carbrain," is a strummy guitar pop song that's less memorable but just as sunny, with some terrific "ba-ba-ba" harmonies by Allen.


1. Crush The Flowers
2. Carbrain


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