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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Theatre Of Tragedy - A Rose For The Dead

Released : 1997
Recorded : Commusication Studio, Frankenthal, July and 7-10 October 1996. Additional recordings at Mansion Studio, Stavanger, 2-3 November 1996.
Tracks 4 & 5 remixed at Danse Macabre Studios, Bayreuth.
Genre : Gothic metal
Length : 32:22
Label : Massacre Records, Intercord Record Service
Producer : Pete Coleman

A Rose for the Dead was the last release using the doom metal-influenced sound Theatre of Tragedy originally adopted. "Decades" is a Joy Division cover.


1. A Rose For The Dead
2. Der Spiegel
3. As The Shadows Dance
4. And When He Falleth (Remix)
5. Black In The Devil Painteth (Remix)
6. Decades (Bonustrack)


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