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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Theatre Of Tragedy - Demo 1994

Released : May 15, 1994
Genre : Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Format : Cassette Tape
Lenght : 17:20
Label : Self-Released

Theatre Of Tragedy is a gothic doom metal band from Stavanger, Norway that uses both death growl and soprano singing female
vocals in their music. Features vocalist Liv Kristin from Cradle Of Filth's Nymphetamine.
Theatre of Tragedy was a Norwegian band from Stavanger, originally assembled in 1993 and best known for their earlier albums, which provided a great deal of influence to the
gothic metal genre. The band made use of contrasting vocals - male bass vocals (making some use of death grunts) and female soprano singing (commonly referred to as "Beauty
and the Beast" vocals) - and on their first three albums, presented lyrics written predominantly in Early Modern English. Starting from the album Musique, however, Theatre of
Tragedy made drastic changes to its style, which became significantly inspired by the industrial rock genre, abandoning Early Modern English writing and death grunts in the


1. A Song By The Hearth
2. A Hamlet For A Slothful Vassal
3. Dying - I Only Feel Apathy
4. Soliliquy


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