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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Theatre of Tragedy - Addenda EP

Released : 12 March 2010
Recorded : Room 13 Studios, Oslo
Genre : Gothic metal
Length : 46:13
Label : AFM Records
Producer : Alexander Møklebust, Rico Darum

The first two samples of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY's Addenda EP, 'Deadland' (Tommy Olsson remake) and 'Frozen' (Ambrosius mix), are available at the band's official


1. The Breaking
2. Deadland (Tommy Olsson Remake)
3. Empty
4. Frozen (Ambrosius Mix)
5. Beauty in Deconstruction (Original Version)
6. Revolution (Flip Wicked Mix)
7. Empty (A&E Wedding Mix)
8. Highlights
9. Illusions (Zensor RMX)
10.Forever Is the World (Chamber Edition)


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