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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Swans – Time Is Money (Bastard) EP

Released : 1985
Genre : Industrial Rock, Post-Punk
Length : 19:05
Label : K.422
Producer : Michael Gira

Released shortly before the Greed album, this three-song EP contains two mixes of the title track, plus "Sealed in Skin," a piano-led piece with brooding Gira vocals which adds some unexpected subtlety to the now well-established sonic recipe of slow, grinding apocalyptic rock. "Time Is Money (Bastard)," however, is the key track in both mixes for very good reason. New drummer Ricardo Gonzalez combines with Gira's vicious drum machine samples to (perhaps unexpectedly) create an underground industrial/dance hit, with one of Gira's most explicit, snarling set of lyrics ever -- one of the calmer lines is "You should be violated." This EP is notable for another key factor -- this is the first release that Jarboe (who would shortly become the other core songwriter and singer of the Swans) appeared on, credited simply for "scream."


1. Time Is Money (Bastard)
2. Sealed In Skin
3. Time Is Money (Bastard) (Mix)


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