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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fugazi EP

Released : November 1988
Recorded : June 1988 at Inner Ear Studios
Genre : Post-hardcore
Length : 23:06
Label : Dischord
Producer : Ted Niceley & Fugazi

Even at this early stage Ian and Guy had struck a great balance of power and finesse. This is such a bedrock release for so many musicians and creative types I've come across over my years in underground music crircles, who perhaps might not have felt as emboldened to play music by listening to, say, Malmstein's "Rising Force" LP. A great blend of musicianship and consciousness. Not every band should sound like Fugazi, but every band should try to implement the same approach to their music as Fugazi.


1. Waiting Room
2. Bulldog Front
3. Bad Mouth
4. Burning
5. Give Me The Cure
6. Suggestion
7. Glue Man


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Anonymous said...

link is to furniture ep