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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

Released : February 5, 1980
Recorded : 1978–1979
Genre : Post - Punk, New Wave
Length : 34:09 (CD version)
Label : Fiction (UK), PVC (U.S. original release), Elektra (1986 reissue)
Producer : Chris Parry

Falling somewhere between official release and compilation, Boys Don't Cry was released in February 1980 in hopes to get the band exposure outside of the U.K.. It captures the first phase of the band well, showcasing the angular new wave that had garnered them acclaim in England. What separates this from the debut full-length (and thus qualifying it as an 'official' release) is that unlike Three Imaginary Boys, the first three singles ("Killing an Arab," "Boys Don't Cry," and "Jumping Someone Else's Train") are included, and tracks like "So What" (the one with lyrics read off a sugar packet) are dropped in favor of the excellent "World War" and "Plastic Passion." A good starting point for getting up to speed on this era of the band, it works best when paired up with Three Imaginary Boys; then you'll get the complete picture.


1. Jumping Someone Else's Train
2. Boys Don't Cry
3. Plastic Passion
4. 10:15 Saturday Night
5. Accuracy
6. Object 2:58
7. Subway Song
8. Killing An Arab
9. Fire In Cairo
10.Another Day
11.Grinding Halt
12.World War
13.Three Imaginary Boys


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