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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cemetary - Last Confessions

Released : 1997
Genre : Gothic Metal
Label : Black Mark Production
Produced : Mathias Lodmalm

Cemetary released a pair of goth-inflected albums, Sundown followed by Last Confessions, and the latter is clearly the better effort of the two. The relatively empty tones of Sundown gave way to a churning eighth-note grind on this 1997 offering, which fans of the heaviest goth metal would certainly appreciate. It's this barely contained thunderclap that drives almost every song on Last Confessions. Each of the record's first three tracks ("Forever," "Caress the Damned," and "So Sad Your Sorrow") are prime examples of Cemetary's updated rhythmic overdrive. The tempos change starting with "Twin Reactor," and the record loses life throughout its second half as a result. But despite the subtle fades during "Fields of Fire" and others, there's enough good material -- heavily weighted toward the record's front end -- to recommend this, the band's final record. Fans of Cemetary and the particular Scandinavian goth metal the band almost perfected should enjoy the aptly titled Last Confessions.


1. Forever
2. Caress The Damned
3. So Sad Your Sorrow
4. 1213 - Trancegalactica
5. Twin Reactor
6. Fields Of Fire
7. One Burning Night
8. Carbon Heart


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