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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Vapors - Turning Japanese: The Best of the Vapors

Released : 1996
Recorded at Basing Street and the Town House
Genre : Punk Rock, New Wave
Label : EMI

A far better collection than its American counterpart (Anthology), The Best of the Vapors offers a bit more for the fans, combining all of the singles, five rare B-sides, and most of the best album tracks (though the Magnets album is still woefully underrepresented). As an introduction, there is no better place to start and for collectors, it's indispensable.


1. Turning Japanese
2. News At Ten (Remixed 7" Version)
3. Waiting For The Weekend (LP Version)
4. Spring Collection
5. Sixty Second Interval
6. Somehow
7. Trains
8. Bunkers
9. Cold War
11.Letter From Hiro
12.Jimmie Jones (LP Version)
13.Daylight Titans (LP Version)
14.Isolated Case
17.Talk Talk
20.Here Comes The Judge (Live)


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