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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Vapors - Magnets

Released : 1981
Recorded : 1981
Genre : Punk rock
Label : United Artists
Producer : David Tickle

A very decent follow-up to an excellent debut by this commonly ignored power-pop group. While they sounded an awful lot like The Jam on New Clear Days, this album finds them breaking into their own ground a little more. The songs have more depth and emotion to them, and tend to cover more political and social issues such as Reverend Jim Jones ("Jimmie Jones"), the Kennedy assassination ("Magnets"), police oppression ("Civic Hall"), and animal rights ("Isolated Case"). It may not be as great as their debut, but it's certainly nothing to write-off. Unfortunately, that's just what critics and the public did, so this ended up being the last effort by The Vapors.


1. Jimmie Jones
2. Spiders
3. Isolated Case
4. Civic Hall
5. Live at the Marquee
6. Daylight Titans
7. Johnny's in Love (Again)
8. Can't Talk Anymore
9. Lenina
10.Silver Machines


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