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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trotskids – A Mort !...A Fond !!...

Released : 1986
Genre : Punk Rock
Format : Vinyl, LP
Label : Terminal Records
Producer : Noël Thompson, Trotskids

Most of the tunes here rip right along at a rapid clip, combining good tunes, that classic French chorus singing, and hot production. There are a few change-of-pace tunes which are decent though they tend to be longish. BLITZ influence, but uniquely French. Watch for more hot records on this label.


1. L'amour anal
2. Furonculé
3. Fier a bras
4. MST
5. Le soupeur
6. Gastronomie Française
7. Secoue plus fort
8. Horizon sans nuages
9. La chanson du dernier obstructeur de siphons
12.Dernier repas


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