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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trotskids – Mise à S.A.C. 7"

Released : 1987
Genre : Punk Rock
Label : Terminal Records

1987 the band are in studio again recording what will be the last 7" single " Mise A Sac" again for Terminal Records, more gigs follow taking in Spain and the south of France.
The band playwhat turns out to be they're last gig in Conflans (Normandy) in June 87 and split up, the reason given is the old favourite musical differences. Doume became the lead vocalist for "Hoax", Gus and Filipe formed "Les Comix" and Bugs Dennis formed "Pungy Sticks".


1. Mise à S.A.C.
2. Mangeuse D'Hommes


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