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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trotskids – La Complète...

Released : 2006
Genre : Punk Rock
Label : Combat Rock

Trotskids are probably one of the bands that made a lasting impression on the French scene during the 80's. They only released one Maxi LP, one LP, one single, and a few tracks on the famous "Chaos en France" compilations, but that band has become a real cult. None of the band's records had ever been repressed in vinyl. Here is the 1st volume including the first part of their discography. The second volume will follow in 2008. And, once again, it's in a beautiful gatefold cover full of pictures.


1. Gueule D'Enfer
2. Je Sens Mauvais
3. Nécrophile
4. Je Ne Veux Pas Etre Bronzé
5. Amantes Religieuses
6. Scato
7. Gueule D'Enfer (Nouvelle Version)
8. Pas De Voyous Dans Mon Bar
9. L'Amour Anal
11.Fier A Bras
13.Le Soupeur
14.Gastronomie Française
15.Secoue Plus Fort
16.Horizon Sans Nuages
17.La Chanson Du Dernier Obstructeur De Siphons
20.Dernier Repas
21.Mise A Sac
22.Mangeuse D'Homme
23.Enterré Vivant


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