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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sore Throat - Unhindered By Talent

Released : 1988
Recorded at Lion, Leeds, 11th &12th Sept 1988.
Genre : Crust Punk, Hardcore Punk
Label : Meantime Records

While perhaps having the greatest album title ever, as well as some hilarious lyrics and insert, it wasn't clear if Sore Throat were making fun of Napalm Death or trying to become a legitimate crust/grindcore band of their own. 52 tracks that are either quick blasts that only last a few seconds, or sound entirely like Doom or Discharge. And just when you think the whole exercise is just stupid, they go and unleash a great song like "Horrendous Cut-Throat System" or "War Is Horrendous" or "Two Horrendous Nuclear Arsenals." See the parody factor there? It's as if they wanted to celebrate and take the piss out of Discharge, Doom, Napalm etc. Still the sound is heavy as fuck, and this record is actually a lot better than some other more "serious" UKHC albums released around the same time.



Horrendous Cut-Throat System
Straight Head (Narrow Mind)
Alchoholics Unanimous
King Of Thrash
Rock'N'Roll Colostamy
Horrendous Slaughter
Smash The Clique
Hang Norman Tebbit
Invasion Of The Amerikaan HC Clones
Eat Organic
War Is Horrendous
Fuck The Poll Tax
The Mole Catcher
Laurel And Hardy
Billy Milanos Head
Horrendously Mutilated
Dominated By Fear
Noise Not War
Three Seconds Long
Shit For Brains
Our Leaders Horrendous Policies
Consumer Terrorisim
Unhindered By Talent
In Their Hypocrisy, They'll Probably Sue Us

Toxic Existance
Fucking Horrendous
Positive Drinking Attitude
The Crossover (Is Over)
Your Next
Burn The Goths
(D.R.I.) Dead Rich Individuals
Sticks Underwear
Two Horrendous Nuclear Arsenals
Bonded By Booze
(M.D.C.) More Damn Capitalists
Yankees Go Home
Go Away
Hammys Ego
Musical Genits
Record Collectors Are Still Pretentious Assholes
A Bow To Capital
Face Up To It
Genit Jonny
Iron Lung
B.N.F.L. Ho To Hell


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