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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sore Throat - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid

Released : 1988
Recorded at Lion Studios, Leeds 17th & 21st October 1988.
Genre : Crust Punk, Hardcore Punk
Label : Earache Records
Producer : Sore Throat

The A side contains small songs that are either tuneless chaos or 1 chord over blastbeats with silly digital effects. Pretty cool, but can get repetetive if you listen for more than 5 minutes. The B side contains probably the most interesting music Sore Throat had done, Amebix and even some early Swans worship, but sadly, little of it is catchy. Get it if youre a noisecore or Sore Throat fan. But for introduction so Sore Throat, get Unhindered By Talent.


Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid
Slam Of Buttocks
Brasso Drinkers (Hell Raisers)
Let's Go Beach Start A Riot
Sid Be Swindle
Raise Ghost McClaren
Fuck All But We
Power Of Nuclear Kill Brain
Speechless Fucking Dumb
Let's Go Pub Drink Beer
Crazy Blood Whirlwind
Mosh Is Trash
Head Spin (No Care)
Don't Give XXX
Holocaust Heavy
System Sabotage Chaos
O.L.D. D.I.E.
Rolf Harris H.C.
Let's Go Gas Board Punch Official
Horrendify And Kill
Stand No Stench
Rotting Vegetation Of Eden
Beneath Skin All The Same
Dead Suffocation Life
From Off-License To Obliteration
Cyco Will Resolute
Let's Go Buckingham Kill Queen
Downfall Society
No Infeccy (Of Jeccy)
Anal Intelligence Apartheid
Knees To Law (Down)
Diseased Thinking Bring Doom
Spleurk !
Anarchy, Punk And Chaos
Fallover Not Crossover
Vilont Bloody War Kill All
Failure Of Liver
Do You Remember ?
Fuck State Before End
Wasting Head With Words
Trash World
Kamikaze System Hatred
"77" Not "666"
Let's Go Stock Market Disembowel Yuppie
Courage Of Peace
People Are Atomic Pollutants
Drink Ale Belong To You
Eric Pickles (Is Antichrist)
Activate Us Anger
Roar Of Silence
Eye Of Beholder (See Not All)
Sing A Song 'O' Sid
No More Hurt Of Life
Poison Idea (No Handle Beer)
Not Nice
Pestilence Of Decay
Vomit On Rules Belong To Them
Leurf (For Scotty)
King Of Thrash Be Dead
P.M.R.C. All Perverts
Let's Go Crazy Lynch Dwarf
Life Destruction End Fun
Skinhead/Deadhead/Drop Dead
Stench Mass Genocide
Laughter Stop With Agress
Peace Wish...
Soy Noise Serenade
Capitalist Vomit
Execution Of Intelligence
Filo-Fucked Fools
Skate Edge Nazis
Let's Go Brighton Bomb Torys
Switch Off Reality
Fear Of Phobia
Crush Nazi Face Well
Attitude Shit (Mosh Pit)
Fucking Silent For Long
System Of Agony Creation
Distortion Of Reason
At War With Cops Story
Echo Pain Scream
Let's Go Brum Trash Daz's Car
Mary Whitehouse Raving Mad
In Grapple There Is No Law
Not Leaving Us Soon ?
Different Sides... Of Same Coin
Chapels Of Ghouls
Desire (Peniside)
The Enemy Within
Living Hell
The Ballad Of 'Mad' Mickey
Hsarht Drawkcab


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