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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sodom - Witching Metal / Demo 1

Released : 1982
Genre : Death Metal
Type : Demo
Label : Self-Released / Independent

DEATH METAL in the 80's was extreme, wild and suspicious dangerous music. Ya usall Iron Maiden, Saxon etc fans where scared of it or dismissed it as useless noise or worse.
If you love the fastest and extremest music influenced by Motorhead and Venom hear this monster of a demo.
The 2 chord/3 chord riffs and monsterous bass,guitar, drums with LOUD raw vocals played as fast as possible yet maintaining audiobility and musicallity is just amazing.
This is among the extremest DEATH METAL you will ever hear.


1. Devil's Attack
2. Witching Metal
3. Life From Hell
4. Poisoned Blood


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