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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slayer - Live Undead

Released : 1984
Recorded : 1984, New York City, USA
Genre : Thrash metal
Length : 23:16
Label : Metal Blade
Producer : Bill Metoyer, Slayer

A average release by Slayer, it doesn't offer anything new to the Slayer catalogue other than some "live" tracks. They were live tracks recorded in a studio with a bunch of fans. It must of been good to see them at their peaks.
Anyway the music is pretty cool, Black Magic is a great intro it has fire behind it which makes it sound great. Overall their is speed contained in this release which is captured because of this being live in retrospect. There is a handful of quality songs worth hearing but some aren't that special.


1. Black Magic
2. Die by the Sword
3. Captor of Sin
4. The Antichrist
6. Evil Has No Boundaries
7. Show No Mercy


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