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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slayer - Eternal Pyre EP

Released : June 6, 2006
Recorded : NRG Studios in North Hollywood, and Westlake Studios in Los Angeles[1]
Genre : Thrash metal
Label : American
Producer : Josh Abraham, Matthias Mirke, John Sherwood

An EP released to promote the upcoming Slayer album "Christ Illusion". Well the word EP should be used loosely as "Eternal Pyre" just feature one track and two enhanced videos that you can watch on your computer, hardly legit to be called a EP if you ask me, but it really doesn't matter now does it. The song "Cult" is a classic Slayer sounding tune, it's heavy, it's fast, it features lyrics against God and religion, what more can you ask for from Slayer? As for the videos, one is live performance of "War Ensemble" recorded in Germany 2005, it's a great live video faithful to what a real Slayer show sounds and looks like. The other one is a real short 'behind the scenes'/'in the studio' video that just show the band playing, no interviews or anything (in fact, not a single word is said during the video's 1:35min runtime) making it more or less pointless. And that's the conclusion of this review, while the song and video are some great stuff, this whole 'EP' come off as pointless, "Cult" is featured on the album "Christ Illusion" and if you want to see Slayer live, I suggest you pick up their "Soundtrack To The Apocalypse" collection that features a DVD of live stuff, or better yet go to one of their shows! This release is for fans only, and even then it's still pretty pointless.


1. Cult


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