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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Siksakubur - Podium

Released : August 2007
Genre : Death Metal
Lenght : 40:09
Label : Rottrevore Records

After waiting several months and having to go through hell to find this CD, I finally got to hear the progression of Siksakubur’s fourth album “Podium”. Myself being a huge fan of their earlier material was very curious to how they would follow up to their prior releases. “Back from Vengeance” still remains as one of my top favorite death metal albums of all time. Like most bands, progression is expected, and Siksakubur doesn’t fail to let us down in that department by offering up newer elements and addictions on the “Podium” CD.
Musically this band polished their style quite a bit since their debut CD “The Carnage”. Most of the songwriting and trademark standouts can be heard within Andyan Gorust’s drum tracks. That’s just one of the many things that stood out to me about this band. There are some drummers out there that have a defined style of playing such as Gene Hoglan, Flo Mounier, Hellhammer, etc. and Andyan Gorust is no exception. You can tell when you hear his unique drumming style of alternating upbeat/downbeat blasts and thrash that it’s him. Andyan is also is the driving force behind the choppy song structure that this band has displayed on all albums. The “Podium” CD is no exception.
The guitars follow many of the similar formulas that were present of the bands “Eye cry” album more so than “The Carnage/Back from vengeance”. Even though this album has slightly toned down the “brutality” by adding more melodic elements, they’re still standing strong due to the speed and intense song structure. The “podium” album also marks more leads and guitar solos than on previous albums. The production is polished to perfection and should attract the ears of both brutal and melodic death metal fans alike.
My only real bitch about this album is the weakness of the vocals on this album. This band has encountered no line-up changes in the vocal department. Japs has handled all the vocals on all of the albums, however his vocals continue getting weaker with every release. I can understand wanting to try new vocal styles and whatnot, but it just seems like a desperate attempt at commercialism to try and attract the hardcore and deathcore fans out there. The vocals just don’t fit with the intensity of the music, but then again that’s what most people said about Mike Disalvo’s efforts on “Whisper Supremacy” whenever it first came out. “Whisper Supremacy” took a little bit of time to grow on me, so the same could be said for this album. I’ll know within the next few months of listening.


1. Intro / Metafora
2. Pesta Para Pecundang
3. Definisikan Suci
4. Selera Neraka
5. Serigala Tanpa Naluri
6. Agenda Bencana
7. Konspirasi Hitam
8. Agama Tameng Perang
9. Dosa (Hukuman Tanpa Rasa)
10.Outro / Fucking Hostile (Pantera cover)


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