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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Siksakubur - Eye Cry

Released : 2003
Genre : Death Metal
Lenght : 37:05
Label : Rottrevore

The latest installment from SiksaKubur (English: After-death Torment), Eye Cry, as follow up the triumphs of "Back for Vengeance" and "The Carnage" has been polished with technically blazing instrumental mastery and professional recording quality. We were blown away with their excellent skills as well as neat studio efforts to create high quality metal records. This is a must have album for those demands brilliantly cruel guitar/drum/bass works along with powerful gritty thrash metal voices packaged into well produced recording.Album: Eye CryBand: SiksaKuburLabel: Rottrevore Records Track Listing:1. Renounce Me2. Destitusi Menuju Mati3. I am The Worst4. Dunia Menjerat5. Reborn for Destination6. Pasukan Jiwa Terbelakang7. Terlahir Sampah8. Parade Luka9. Evil Beside Us10. 180898 BackgroundSiksaKubur has been around since 1996 with the first direction praising early Sepultura. As the time goes the band carry on the journey with various subgenres experimentation including death metal, grindcore and such brutal stuff. After Japra, the throaty voices joined, SiksaKubur has redefined their sound signature as wicked mixtures of thrash metal badass voice and technical death metal offering twisting melodies and ear-rupturing complex drumworks analogous to Sceptic, Sympathy, All Shall Perish, Psycroptic and alike. MusicianshipOne of attractive offering this band has is the vocal quality performed by Japra.


1. Renounce Me
2. Destitusi Menuju Mati
3. I Am the Worst
4. Dunia Menjerat
5. Reborn for Destination
6. Pasukan Jiwa Terbelakang
7. Terlahir Sampah
8. Parade Luka
9. Evil Beside Us


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