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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sarcófago - Lust For Death

Released : 2004
Genre : Death Metal
Length : 30:56
Label : Not On Label (Sarcófago)

The real eighties thrash heroes from Brazil. Here they display their roots with the Christ's Death and Satanic Lust demos together with two rehearsal tracks aptly titled "Sex, Drinks and Metal" and "Alcoholic Coma". Not recommended for audiophiles as it pretty much sounds like the band and the recording equipment are on two different floors.


Christs Death - Demo August 1987

1. Christs Death
2. Desecration Of A Virgin
3. Satanic Lust
Satanic Lust - Demo February 1986

4. Intro
5. Satanas
6. Nightmare
7. Third Slaughter
Rehearsal 1989

8. Intro
9. Sex, Drinks And Metal
10.Alcoholic Coma


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