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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Partisans - So Neat EP

Released : July 3, 2001
Recorded at Svenska Grammafon Studio
Genre : Punk Rock, Oi
Label : TKO Records
Producer(s) : Kalle Gustafsson & The Partisans

So Neat marks the Partisans return for the new millennium, and barring its thumping, thick production, this three-song blast could easily have been recorded in a different era. The songs contained herein are classic street punk that recall some giants of the genre. Please note, for example, how easily "Classified Information" could have appeared on Give 'Em Enough Rope or how much "Hysteria" is reminiscent of "I Wanna Be Your Dog." None of this would work, though, if the Partisans didn't sound more invigorated than ever. Their sweeping gusto plus an accomplished songcraft makes So Neat a compelling and refreshing listen, especially when the disc is cranked up loud.


1. So Neat
2. Classified Info
3. Hysteria


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