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Friday, August 19, 2011

MG15 - Derecho Ala Vida 7" EP

Released : 1984
Genre : Crossover Thrash, Hardcore Punk, D-Beat
Format : 7" EP
Label : Attack Punk Records (1984), Don't Belong/La Vida es un Mus (2000)

Growling guitar havoc highlights this four-song Spanish EP with a sound similar to OLHO SECO. Power chords laced with chaotic-paced grinding makes for an interesting effect. Lyrics are translated on the inner sleeve, but the vocals are harsh with a rough edge that delivers the same bite as the guitar. A good dose to crank it up for raw vibrations.


1. Genocidio
2. Caos final
3. Derecho a la vida
4. Campos de exterminio


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