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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kratornas - Subterranean Sodomies (Demo)

Released : 2004
Genre : Black Metal, Death Metal
Type : Demo
Lenght : 13:27
Label : Ordealis Records

Here we have a pleasant way to spend a coffee break. Your ears, eyes and nose may be bleeding profusely when you return to your desk but, hey, at least you won’t be late. This is 13 minutes and 27 seconds of intense, brutal and sick hatred. Recorded in the mid 90s, it is almost ahead of its time in brutality, easily as heavy as any Grind band around these days.
The production is absolute rubbish and that, I believe, is the goal; not only the guitars are distorted on this one: every instrument is clipping in the red from start to finish. A look at the tracklist makes it painfully obvious that this is going to be sick and the combination of sub-human guttural belching, maniacal shrieking, jackhammer blasting (drum machine?) and thick guitars leads one to feel slightly light headed and unsure of their sanity. Throw in some horrible lead work that sticks out like Tom Warrior with his first guitar and a few samples of mass hysteria and destruction and you’ve got a soundtrack perfect for a crystal meth-induced killing spree.
This shit doesn’t let up and I’m not sure I could have handled much more than the short time this lasts. I’m not a huge fan of really raw music but this works for me. It is original in it’s over the top presentation and any fan of Blackened Industrial Death Grind should love it. If you haven’t heard that sub-sub-genre before, this is it. I’m not sure if I hate it so much that it is charming, or I just feel threatened, but either way it is worth a listen.

1. Subterranean Sodomies
2. Of Pus and Bonesaw
3. Sadist Trade
4. Earle
5. Hells Unholy Fire (Nunslaughter bonus)


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