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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kratornas - The Onslaught of Battledemons (Demo)

Released : 1999
Genre : Black Metal, Death Metal
Type : Demo
Lenght : 24:43
Label : Ligum Dulum

Well I dislike writing reviews but this album deserves some praise. Its easy to say that all the instruments sound like shit, but at least they all have enough clairty for you to realize that it all sounds exactly how it was intended to sound, and thats a quality some musicians can never attain.
The song writing is total minimalism, and it works to Kratornas' assaultive nature to allow its brutality to be the main focal point. The drum machine programming is actually well done, I can easily see a drummer playing these parts just maybe not as fast, this is some of the fastest black metal ive ever heard. The guitar tone is thinner than lunch meat, but theres tons of crazy little solos and chunky riffs going on all the time. The vocals are totally over the top, they are pitch shifted up and down, one voice does sound like short wave radio signals. Vocals do not get any more evil than that. Theres even some sparsely used synth here and there to keep it interesting.
Overall this is more of a novelty act than anything to me, but its releases like this that break new barriers in metal and pave paths of their own and I respect that about Kratornas a lot. Get this 10" splatter wax vinyl before its sold out.


1. Diabolical Mutilation 1999
2. Armaments Of Sadism
3. The Satanic Macabre
4. Luciferian Gladiators
5. Bloodbath For Satan
6. Demonic War Slaughter


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