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Monday, August 1, 2011

INXS - Dekadance EP

Released : September 1983
Recorded : 1982, 1983
Genre : Rock, Dance
Length : 21:11
Label : ATCO
Producer : Mark Opitz

Over the course of four remixed tracks from Shabooh Shoobah, the Dekadance EP accentuates INXS' flair for catchy rhythms, yet the record only comes to life on the six-minute remix of "The One Thing," simply because it has a stronger melody than anything else on the EP.


1. Black and White (Extended Version)
2. To Look at You (Extended Version)
3. The One Thing (Extended Version)
4. Here Comes II (New Version)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, you uploaded the wrong dekadance EP - it doesn't have the tracks in your listing - the upload has songs from The Swing, not Shabooh Shoobah. Do you have the right one? Thanks

(was quite looking forward to hearing the long To Look At You, always liked that song but thought it was too short)