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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doom - Pissed, Robbed And Twatted

Released : 2001
Recorded live in Slovenia on September 20, 1996 at MKNZ.
Genre : Hardcore punk, Crust Punk
Label : Nuclear Sun Punk Record

Record title:
"Pissed" because they came upon a shop with lots of "Korn" type stuff. "Robbed" because someone stole Chris' jacket, which also had his passport inside & "Twatted" because someone came up on stage & punched Wayne in the face for no apparent reason. All this happened during the night of the recording.


1. The "Free" World
2. Claustrophobia
3. Worthless Nothing
4. Dig Your Grave
5. Joke's On You
6. Keep It Angry


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