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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doom - Peel Sessions

Released : 1989
Recorded : Tracks 1-6 recorded on June 19,1988 and transmitted on June 28,1988.
Tracks 7-10 recorded on March 7,1989 and transmitted on March 14 1989.
Genre : Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk
Label : Dutch east India Trading
Producer : Dale Griffin

The best thing DooM ever did, hands down. Basically you have prime tracks from the earlier era recorded with fantastic BBC studio quality that sacrifices none of the raw power or intensity of the band. Too bad this is out of print...worth shelling out for though. Think about it, you can just buy this instead of 3 albums by some worthless nth generation d-beat bands that are the current flavor of the month.


1.Symptom Of The Universe / Multinationals
2. Exploitation
3. Circles
4. No Religion
5. Relief
6. Sold Out / War Crimes
7. Means To An End / A Dream To Come True
8. Natural Abuse / Days Go By
9. Life Lock / Bury The Debt
10.Life In Freedom / Money Drug / Fear Of The Future


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