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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dismember - Pieces EP

Released : 1992
Genre : Death metal
Length : 15:50
Label : Nuclear Blast
Producer : Thomas Skogsberg & Dismember

A savage EP from Sweden’s violently inclined new death metal scorched earth society, Pieces revealed that Dismember’s furtive debut was no fluke, and that better things were still to come from this crew. As one would expect, here all of the debut’s musical screws are given a tightening, with no new real curve balls being thrown. What we simply have here is a sustained orgy of excellent European death metal. Best track? Unequivocally it is “Deathevocation,” a brilliant track that recalls the strength of the debut’s finest hour, “In Death’s Sleep.” Also brilliant, though is “I Wish You Hell,” which brings choppy and well punctuated guitar slashes to the band’s mid-range sonic furnace, and “Soon To Be Dead,” a track which further advances the band’s growing necrotic guitar craft with fine results and thrashing energy to spare. And while I could really do with without the buzzing bee guitar sounds producer Tomas Skogsberg seems to favor, overall it works for this band. Where to go from here? Well, next album Indecent And Obscene has it very bright moments, while Massive Killing Capacity took a step back in both energy and brutality. But by the time of both the Misanthropic EP and their savage Death Metal record itself, Dismember would once again be a feared force on the death metal front.


1. Intro
2. Pieces
3. I Wish You Hell
4. Carnal Tomb
5. Soon to Be Dead
6. Torn Apart


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