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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dismember - The God That Never Was

Released : 2006
Recorded : Aug/Sep 2005
Genre : Death metal
Length : 35:35
Label : Regain Records
Producer : Fred Estby

Best Dismember release since Like an Ever Flowing Stream. It doesn't break any new ground but it's still a refreshing listen. Stellar guitar tone, great riffing, and a return to form by a band really trying to put it all together and succeeding in the process. Dismember reigns in the feeling of METAL all the way through and pushes it further by way of the album getting better from one song to the next. This comes to the maximum final conclusion with the staggering Where No Ghost is Holy. Holy shit is that an awesome song; best singing, best riffs, best solo, a total climax for The God That Never Was.


1. The God That Never Was
2. Shadows of the Mutilated
3. Time Heals Nothing
4. Autopsy
5. Never Forget, Never Forgive
6. Trail of the Dead
7. Phantoms (Of the Oath)
8. Into the Temple of Humiliation
9. Blood for Paradise
10.Feel the Darkness
11.Where No Ghost Is Holy


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