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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Discharge - Fight Back 7"

Released :1980
Recorded : 1980
Genre : Hardcore punk
Label : Clay Records
Producer : Mike Stone

Released just three months after Discharge's watershed Realities of War EP arguably gave birth to British hardcore, July 1980s Fight Back naturally didn't have quite the same unprecedented impact, but its five songs (typically averaging just over one minute in length) generally sounded even rawer, faster, and more aggressive than their predecessors. What's more, their relentlessly to-the-point lyrics ("It's a messed up, fucked up fuckin' system" so goes the chorus of "Always Restrictions") proved even more inflammatory than before, transforming the title track, "War's No Fairytale" and "You Take Part in Creating the System," into gauntlet-throwing rallying cries: either you're fighting for a solution, or part of the problem. And as if all this wasn't alarming enough for the British government and its mind-controlling institutions, closing indictment "Religion Instigates" opens up that can of worms, slapping yet another bulls-eye to the backs of Discharge's leather jackets, which both their longer list of enemies, and fast growing legion of fans, could set their sights upon.


1. Fight Back
2. War's No Fairytale
3. Always Restrictions
4. You Take Part in Creating the System
5. Religion Instigates


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