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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Deiphago – Satanik Eon

Released : 2007
Genre : Black Metal, Death Metal
Label : Morbid Moon Records

You know what you're getting with this kind of "war metal" stuff; ridiculously bludgeoning, noisy guitar, constant primitive as fuck blastbeats, some dude screaming "Satan" 500 times in a genuinely evil sounding rasp, completely inaudible bass (although the production here is actually pretty clear to the standards of this stuff), eight indistinguishable songs, covers of Hellhammer and Sarcófago... not to mention the obligatory band picture in a cemetary with sunglasses, bullets and Blasphemy shirts. These kind of bands seem to almost be in a constant competition to include as many cliches in their music as possible (although to these guys' credit they've been going since 1989, well before the Blasphemy worship thing had taken off to the extent that it now has), so you most likely already know whether you'll enjoy this or not. It's incredibly brutal and monotone, somehow I kinda dig it.


1. Intro: Genocide
2. Angel Rapeslay
3. Sacrifice for Satan
4. Masofukkchrist
5. Satanists' War
6. 666 Division
7. Satanik Eon
8. Death to Everything
9. Euronymos [Hellhammer cover]


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