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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dawn Of Demise – Hate Takes Its Form

Released : September 20, 2007
Recorded at Lydpotten, Silkeborg.
Mixed and Mastered at Jacob Hansen Studios, Ribe.
Genre : Death Metal
Label : Deepsend Records

Perfect midpaced blast-free death metal, groovy as hell, with flying kickdrums and thrash beats, and some wicked guitar riffs and leads... This ain't groundbreaking, but it's damn good. Only downside is that I'm not wild about the gurgled vocals. The growls and screams are great, Frank Mullen and John Tardy rolled into one, but the gurgles detract more than they add. Still, one of the most promising new death metal acts I've heard in a long time... Title track just fades out after establishing a killer riff, though--could've capitalized on that a little more...


1. Hate Takes Its Form
2. ...and Blood Will Flow
3. Degrading the Worthless
4. Within the Flesh
5. Intent to Kill
6. Impurity
7. Beyond Murder
8. Malice - Kill to Conform


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