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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dawn Of Demise – A Force Unstoppable

Released - January 19, 2010
Genre : Death Metal
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered at CB-Studios, in Holsted, Denmark.
Label : Deepsend Records
Producer : Dawn Of Demise

A Force Unstoppable is the 2nd full-length studio album by Danish death metal act Dawn of Demise. The album was released in January 2010 by Deepsend Records.
The music on the album is brutal yet catchy death metal with minor traces of deathcore. Especially the processed ( "or hand over microphone") deep growls make me think of the latter style, but the primary influence to my ears is Suffocation. The technical level of playing on the album is considerable, but it´s not the kind of technical death metal album, where the technical playing takes away from the power of the music. This is first and foremost a brutal and catchy death metal album with a great powerful production ( not too polished). The songs feature both fast and mid-paced tempoes, brick heavy breakdowns and generally pretty good variation. The vocals vary between the above mentioned vocal style and a more regular brutal growling style. Half of the time the words are completely undecipherable. Even with the lyric sheet at hand it´s hard to tell what is being sung. It´s a minor problem but vocals this brutal has a tendency to become monotone to my ears and quite frankly the processed vocal style annoys me slightly. That´s of course an aquired taste but my enjoyment with the album suffers some because of this. The instrumental part of the album is excellent though. One brutal and catchy riff comes after another all the way through the album and there are plenty of details in the music to keep the listener busy. Some of the highlights on A Force Unstoppable are the two tracks that bookend the album. The opening track Multiple Flatlines is best explained by reference to the title of the album. That track is truly a force unstoppable. The closing track Juggernaut is an absolutely brick heavy death metal track and a great way to end the album.
Besides my minor problem with the vocals ( which are otherwise well performed) I think A Force Unstoppable is an excellent death metal album. Probably one of the best Danish death metal albums in years, so minor flaws or not I think a 3.5 - 4 star rating is deserved. Recommended to fans of brutal death metal with some groovy mid-paced riffing that ensures variation.


1. Multiple Flatlines
2. Awaken the Aggressor
3. Reap the Suffering
4. Leech the Blood
5. Bludgeon
6. Amongst the Tortured
7. Heinous Acts of War
8. Malevolence Converged
9. Juggernaut


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