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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dawn Of Demise – ...And Blood Will Flow (Demo)

Released : Febuary 15, 2006
Genre : Death Metal
Lenght : 13:40
Label : Self-released / Independent
In 2003 a new Danish death metal band was formed, the band Dawn Of Demise originate from Silkeborg, the city that housed the infamous death metallers Infernal Torment, which was active in the mid and late 90ties, where they released 2 albums. The growler in Dawn Of Demise is Scott Jensen, who was the growler and frontman in Infernal Torment, so a lot of guttural growls from the deepest bowels of hell can be expected. Together with Scott, we have the founding members, his brother Bjørn and Martin Sørensen, the line-up is rounded off by Jakob Nyholm and Kim Jensen.
The style is based upon the NY death metal scene, heavy and crunchy as fuck guitar riffs rips the skies apart, a heavy bass is rumbling below the guitars and keeping the rhythm tight and crushing. The drumming is mid-paced and killing, the kick drums crushes all on their way, and the snare drum is fierce and ear piercing, good and varied drumming, with some good breaks. The vocals are deep and guttural as hell, as written earlier, they doesn't leave anything back to be wished for, a perfect fit to this style and the music of Dawn Of Demise.
The compositions are well-made, catchy and well-balanced, the variation between the steady mid-paced play and the faster parts works well, and it is nice to get a slap of heavy as fuck death metal. The elements in the songs work greatly together and the 3 tracks on the demo can be played again and again, it is hard to get enough of the music. And good to hear a slow guitar solo as the one in 'Impurity', instead of all the lightening-speed show off, that have become a trend.
This is a demo all death metal fans should check out, it crushes and hands out five across the eye. It shouldn't be long before Dawn Of Demise gets a contract, they could stir up a thing or 2 on the current scene. It is not that the music is innovative or anything in that vein, it is pretty much using old recipes, but damn the music is well-played, brutal, heavy and powerful. This is the dawn of a new Danish death metal force!


1. ...And Blood Will Flow
2. Beyond Murder
3. Impurity


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