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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Angry Samoans - STP Not LSD

Released : 1988
Genre : Punk rock
Length : 23:24
Label : Triple X Records
Producer : Bill Inglot

Being the follow up to their horrific Yesterday Started Tomorrow EP, one would think that the Angry Samoans learned from their mistakes. Wrong. STP Not LSD follows the tradition of their last album: midtempo rock songs, soft-spoken vocals and one big platter of disappointment; heck, they're not even angry anymore. The only positive thing to come out this record is that it was their final release -- until singer "Metal" Mike Sanders reformed the band with a completely different lineup a few years later. So with that in mind, a more fitting title for this album would have been "Final Nail on the Coffin."


1. I Lost (My Mind)
2. Wild Hog Rhyde
3. Laughing At Me
4. STP Not LSD
5. Staring At The Sun
6. Death Of Beewak
7. Egyptomania
8. Attack Of The Mushroom People
9. Feet On The Ground
10.Garbage Pit
11.(I'll Drink To This) Love Song
12.Lost Highway


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