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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Wild Swans - Liquid Mercury 7"

Released : November, 2009
Recorded at the Gossamer Dome, Anglesey and Beatmatch, Liverpool, August 2009.
Genre : Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Label : Occultation Recordings
Producer : The Wild Swans, Henry Priestman

‘Liquid Mercury’ is a wistful ballad, which, with swirling pangs of guitar, and soft flurrying wheezes of keyboard, has Simpson half mournfully, half nostalgically looking back on those early years of bedsit living and recalling the Wild Swans’ original guitarist, Jem Kelly (“Rodney Street, 8 pounds a week was ankle deep in snow/And ‘J’ was there with flaming hair, I couldn’t let it go.”).
It is lovely and, at two and a half minutes in length and one of the shorter songs in the Wild Swans’ canon, breezes by quickly and seems over almost as soon as it has begun. As good as it is, one is left, however, feeling that Simpson and his realigned group are just warming up for ‘The Wickedest Man in the World’, which proves to be amongst the most powerful and is certainly the most poignant song that Simpson and the Wild Swans have recorded.


1. Liquid Mercury
2. The Wickedest Man In The World


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