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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sonic Youth - T.V. Shit EP

Released : 1993
Recorded : 1993
Genre : Alternative rock
Length : 9:19
Label : Ecstatic Peace!
Producer : Sonic Youth

TV Shit is a must for all Sonic Youth fans, and it will alienate just about everyone else. Just imagine the ending of their track "Mildred Pierce" (from Goo) extended to nine minutes, and you have TV Shit. Three of the four tracks are initiated with a simple drumbeat, and then Thurston Moore and company freak out on their instruments while shouting "NO" continuously into their microphones. It is a fun, throwaway exercise.


1. No II, Pt 1
2. No II, Pt 2
3. No II, Pt 3
4. No II, Pt 4


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