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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Saints - Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow EP

Released : March, 1980
Recorded : London, 1980
Genre : Punk
Label : Lost (Australia), New Rose (France)
Producer : L. Lambert

This EP was the first Saints release following the departure of Ed Kuepper from the band, and was dropped at a time when Kuepper had already begun his string of highly experimental Laughing Clowns releases. To say that this is back to basics would be to understate the point. Chris Bailey seems positively determined to demonstrate that his version of the Saints is going to be free from the avant-garde-isms of Kuepper and co, free from the jazzy and experimental touches Kuepper lent to the last Saints effort, and, indeed, free from any of the punk rebelliousness of the earliest Saints records. Unfortunately, this pedestrian, elementary, MOR rock is also free from any interest. 'On the Waterfront' sounds like 'I'm Misunderstood' slowed down to half-speed, 'Call It Mine' is insipid and repetitive, and 'Miss Wonderful' is as banal as could be ('Yes, you are miss wonderful/ your eyes do shine, they are divine./ You are miss wonderful/ what is my crime?').


1. Simple Love
2. (Don't Send Me) Roses
3. Miss Wonderfull
4. On The Waterfront
5. Call It Mine


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