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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Middle Class – 1978-1979 7" (2002) / You Dug Your Own Grave...Now Die In It (1996)

Released : 2002, Original Release 1996
Genre : Harcore Punk, Punk Rock
Type : Bootleg
Label : L.A.P.D. Records (2002), Borderline (1996)

This 7' contains the songs from the Out of Vogue EP and the songs from the Tooth and Nail compilation. In general the best tracks the band ever released. However the bootlegger had no experience with mixing tracks or tried to improve the sound quality with a doubtful result. Sounds terrible when comparing it to the original


1. Out Of Vogue
2. You Belong
3. Situations
4. Insurgence
5. Love Is Just A Tool
6. Above Suspicion

you dug your own grave...

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