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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Megadeth - Hidden Treasures EP

Released : July 18, 1995
Recorded : 1989-1994
Genre : Heavy metal, hard rock, thrash metal
Length : 29:06
Label : Capitol
Producer : Max Norman, Dave Mustaine

Not every one of these songs are essential, but it's definitely worth having if you like Megadeth. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" is a just about decent cover of an Alice Cooper classic, Mustaine's snarling certainly fits the song to some degree but i don't quite see any reason to listen to this cover often. "Go to Hell" has this part which reminds me of the give me sorcery, give me wizardry part from "five magics", the lyrics certainly has that signature attitude you expect from Megadeth, I can see why it's on this EP, it's a decent song but certainly doesn't fit any album. "Angry Again" is another decent cut, but i tend to forget the tracks on this album too often, my fault, I admit. The main reason to perhaps take notice of this record is "99 Ways to Die", A premiere Megadeth speed metal cut with an interesting music video about kids and guns and suicides, "Diadems" is just about Ok, nothing to go crazy about. "Problems" is a good cover, perhaps their best cover. They did make it a point to cover Sex Pistols, and the punk influences are quite clear in everything Mustaine did back in the 80's.


1. A Tout Le Monde
2. Symphony Of Destruction (Demo)
3. Architecture Of Aggression (Demo)
4. New World Order (Demo)
5. No More Mr. Nice Guy
6. Breakpoint
7. Go To Hell
8. Angry Again
9. 99 Ways To Die


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